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Layla Sleep Mattress Review

Copper Gel Infused
Flippable Firmness Levels

Layla Sleep Mattress Review

Our Layla Sleep Mattress review will highlight all the good features of the Layla Mattress.  What may be comfortable to you may not be to another person. Having said that, the Layla Sleep Company  made sure that they addressed all of the common troublesome areas of a mattresses: sleeping hot, too much transfer of motion, poor edge support and relief for pressure points on the hips, shoulders and spine.  Furthermore, the two mattresses manufactured include a memory foam mattress and a hybrid mattress. When you are looking for a comfy mattress online  get to know all kinds of mattress types.

Contents Of The Mattress

Layla Mattress Cover

The Layla bed  cover is quilted with beautiful designs. In addition, the cover can be zipped off and washed as well.  One reason you may not need to wash the cover is that  the antimicrobial layer which sits just under the cover, helps with odor control.  In essence, those of you who have a dog  you know that is a big plus.

Copper Gel Infused Foam

The first layer of the Layla Mattress contains  Copper Gel Infused Foam.  The copper layer does three things for your mattress besides keeping you cool. This layer houses the antimicrobial odor control  and provides  extra support for those pressure points. In addition, it also has a  plush soft, comfortable feel. It is the largest of the foam layers and measures 2.5 inches tall.

Copper Infused Foam

Flippable Mattress

You can flip this mattress with the aid of  large mattress handles and a strong friend.  Just flip the mattress to change the firmness from medium to firm.

Cooler & Cleaner Sleep

Copper infused foam layers add two benefits to the mattress. One is to keep it cooler and the other is to keep it free of odors.

Zippered, Washable Cover

The zippered cover allows for easy removal and cleaning.

Layla Mattress Flippable Feature

It’s hard to flip a mattress. It’s not like flipping pancakes so it is essential that the handles on the mattress are sturdy and can get the job done. Many mattresses on the market are flippable but there aren’t too many that offer a change in softness and firmness. The hybrid mattresses gives you a choice of either a soft (around a 4) or a firm (around a 7). Having that choice is really nice to have.

Layla Mattress’ Answer To Motion Transfer

No one wants a bed to ripple or to feel your partner get in and out of bed. The hybrid Layla mattress offers little to no motion transfer to those who choose to sleep on it. It’s the copper infused foam layer that helps with motion control.

The Hybrid’s Inner Springs

An  individually wrapped coil system helps with motion transfer and firm edge support. Two different coil widths, 14 and 16 gauged, helps by relieving sensitive pressure points. Altogether, the 6 inch wrapped coil system helps the Layla Hybrid Mattress with comfort and durability.

Is the Layla Hybrid Mattress Comfortable?

The answer to this question is subjective, but due to the four supportive foam layers and the individually coiled inner springs, Layla Mattresses are soft and comfortable.

Our Recommendations From The  Layla Sleep Mattress Review

After reviewing the Layla Mattresses, the mattress we liked best is the Layla Hybrid Mattress.

The Layla Mattresses have been mentioned in several major publications. People magazine, Forbes, Good Housekeeping and Bravo. Three major figures in the sleep review business have given their mattresses high awards. Their unique mattress gets 5 stars from Comfy Mattress!

Special Awards For Layla Mattresses

“Best Mattress Overall 2021”

Cnet Award Best Overall Mattress of 2021

“Best Hybrid Mattress 2020”

“Best Mattress for Back Pain”

Customer Testimonials

Barbara c.

This is our second Layla mattress and it is as awesome as the other one we have in our guest bedroom.

Stacey A.

Great mattress. Just get one already!
Setup was a breeze. It is incredibly comfortable. I am not a great sleeper. 6 hours is long for me. I have been sleeping longer than I can ever remember sleeping. The mattress itself is lovely. The pillows are also nice, they were a great bonus. Overall, we love it.

Marylouise D.

All systems go
I can’t say enough positive things about the Hybrid mattress. The comfort level is perfect as is the firmness.
I was very impressed with your level of service. The instructions and packaging were all top notch. Plus thank you for the extra goodies..t shirt and tote bag.

Johnathan G.

We choose to Sleep on the firm side. I wish it was a little more firmer. The sides do sink a bit too much for my liking but overall, we are happy. Have not woke up with a sore back. Bonus.

Danny B.Instructor, Skate Nao

Mattress did not work for me, but the company was more than understanding when I needed to return it. They made the process of returning the mattress and getting a refund simple. It’s good to know that some companies really do stand behind their product. I would recommend Layla to anyone interested in a mattress.

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