A little bit about me

When spring comes and new buds are forming on the trees, you’ll find me out in the garden. I just love gardening and the beauty of nature. When I am not doing that I like to research different topics of interest to me. Because I have chronic back pain, I have researched a lot of mattresses and have wanted to share that with people. Getting a good mattress to sleep on helps with vitality, energy and overall health so I am all in.

Many of the mattress companies that I read about have some basic similarities. Good thing we aren’t back to the days of putting horse hair into mattresses. There are a variety of different foam types that help with comfort and cooling. Coils help with relieving and supporting various pressure points on your body. I hope to help people make an informed decision about buying their next mattress.

Why I love what I do

When it comes to collaborating with people I find that I benefit in a number of ways. I find out what other people are saying and what products they like and are happy with. It’s a nice way to stay connected. I enjoy creating presentations that are easy to understand and digest. I began website development back in 2007 and I have loved every minute of the process.

Hopefully you will benefit from the site I created in some way. Maybe it will benefit you to just find out the latest things happening in the mattress industry. Since online orders have become a way of life, ordering mattresses online have kept up with the pace. Sales in the field of furniture and mattress have gone up steadily over the last five years and most likely will continue.

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