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Mend Mattress Review

The Mend Sleep Mattress Review came out with 5 stars out of 5 stars. Read on to find out why.

The Mend Sleep Mattresses were created out of a need to address a few  issues with the current mattress market. Firstly, the main issue is that some layers of foam make you sleep hot at night which makes people very uncomfortable.  Secondly, the edge of the bed gets a lot of wear and tear as people get in and out of bed.  That weight eventually causes the mattress to sag and look bad. Thirdly, the feel of the  mattress firmness or softness is very important. Most people end up wishing their firm mattress was on the softer side.  The solution to this problem is to allow people to adjust this in the privacy of their own home.  Mend Mattresses have successfully fixed three of these issues. Customers are very up satisfied with their Mend Mattress.

Founders of Mend Sleep

Creators Johnathan and Lauren Walker decided to produce a mattress that would solve all of these problems. They have two main mattresses that come in all sizes – Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal-King. Their Adapt Mattress is their most popular mattress. With this mattress, you can adjust the firmness of your bed at home by just flipping the bed over. The firmness choices goes from Medium Soft to Medium Firm.

There are many testimonials about people being happy with their Mend Sleep mattress.  They love the cooling foam layers that let them sleep cool and the  excellent edge support. With a 180 Day trial period and Lifetime Warranty you have nothing to lose to purchase one of these specialized mattresses. gives this mattress a thumbs up and 5 stars.

Mend Mattresses Best Features

Mend Renew

This hybrid mattress is made with breathable memory foam.  The quantum coils system helps with motion transfer and  supportive comfort. The mattress gives you medium support and has a luxurious feel.

Mend Adapt

The 14″ best selling mattress has all the qualities of the Mend Renew.  It has good edge support, sleeps cool and has an added feature of being able to change the support from medium soft to medium firm.

Mend Foundations

Mend produces a sturdy foundation to hold your new mattress. You can use it directly on the floor or it has legs. The foundation is easy to assemble and the durability is good.


Johnathan & Lauren Walker wanted to address the top 3 issues with mattresses  – sleeping hot, no firmness around the edges and no customization of the mattress once it was in the home. They created their mattresses to address those needs.

Mend Sleep Mattress Testimonials

Cam L.

We have had a Mend Adapt for 2 months and it has been my savior in the back region! I thought I liked a softer mattress, after a week on the medium soft side I changed to the firmer side and voila. All these years on a softer mattress and I just needed something firmer. I chose Mend for this ability to make the mattress feel different. It has been just great.

Bryon & Destiny S.

We have bought 2 Mend mattresses. We sleep on the nicer one and our 6 year old sleeps on the cheaper one. Ours has been a game changer for me. I never really slept very good on our old mattress. I have less back pain and sleep with less sweating. The kids mattress is very nice for the price as well. It is nice enough for me even but we liked the ability to change the feel of ours. Both are good products and we recommend.

Morgan A.

We love our mattress! We were scared to buy online since you cannot try them in most places. So we loved the idea of being able to unzip and change the feel at home. It took the scariness out of buying online. We are 100% happy with the quality, feel and we are sleeping SO much better. Thank you! I’ll be sending a friend referral soon.

Pamela & Nick B.

We have the Adapt. I was a little skeptical about having a mattress delivered without sleeping on it but it has been fantastic. The last brand we tried was not adjustable and we did not want to fork out big money for a sleep number. So this was a good find for us. We have tried both firmnesses and like them both. My wife is smaller than me so she likes the softer side more. I like the firmer side more but even the softer side is still very supportive for me. We are recommending this mattress for sure.

We Invite You To Evaluate Your Mend Sleep Mattress

If you have information that would help customers make a buying decision, please leave your review below. We appreciate you visiting with us today.

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