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Hope Mattress Company

We begin our Hope Mattress Review taking a look at the people in charge of Hope Mattress. The owners were involved in a previous mattress company that manufactured mattresses for  use in hotels and other very large retailers. Consequentially, they wanted to produce a mattress that was not only reasonably priced, but of good quality, and would last a lifetime.  The company now shares their profits with Feed America which helps many Americans with food.

Hope Mattress Technology

One of their star products that they now use in their mattresses is an  Edge-to-Edge Variable Diameter Coils.  This Edge support refers to the amount of resistance that a mattress can provide around its edges. It essentially acts as an encasement that goes around the frame of a mattress. If you have ever slept on a mattress that has poor edge support, you probably felt like you were sliding out of bed every time you got out of bed.

On top of the Edge to Edge support lays 2 layers of gel infused foam. The gel infused foam make the foam more comfortable temperature wise. It lowers the heat levels that are sometimes present with foam mattresses providing you with a cool night’s sleep.

Orthopedic Support Layer

Another flagship quality in the Hope Mattress – Aspire is their layer of orthopedic support foam. This foam helps prevent you from getting that sinking in feeling. It helps with a multitude of health issues regarding how the body is aligned on top of the bed. It gives just the right amount of back support for your spine and it provides heat regulating airflow through the foam making the temperature of the mattress feel just right.  A side note is that the level of firmness is medium firm.  Many orthopedic doctors recommend you sleep on a the more firm rather than on the softer side.

A few added bonuses to the Hope Mattress are firstly, the mattress is suitable for an adjustable base. An adjustable base will let you raise the head level of the bed and/or raise the feet level. The second bonus is that motion transfer is minimized. Motion transfer is when one person gets out of bed and the other person feels the reverberation from the move.

Lastly, the cover of the mattress called a “Deep Freeze Plus Cover”  helps you feel cool when you need it.  No one wants to sleep hot.

Hope Mattress Reviews  have many 5 star testimonials listed below. gives it 5 stars. Be sure to compare these mattresses with the ones listed on the Mattress Reviews summary page.

Aspire Hybrid Mattress

Aspire Hybrid

Includes a 14″ mattress with cooling gel foam, coils from edge to edge that give support and reduced motion transfer. Firmness is Soft to Medium. You can use this bed on an adjustable base which is the best in luxury and comfort.


Hope Original Mattress

Hope Original

There are two layers of gel infused foam in this 12″ foam mattress. One is for coolness and the other is for pressure mapping which helps relieve pressure points.  A third layer of 1″ foam is to help eliminate that sinking feeling on the mattress.  The mattress is a medium firm mattress and gives you a restful night sleep.


Dream Hybrid Mattress

Dream Hybrid

Includes a 12″ mattress with Edge-to-Edge Variable Diameter Coil, 2 layers of Gel Memory Foam and a 3rd layer with Everlast HR Foam. HR stands for high resiliency which gives the mattress a bounce back feel as opposed to a sinking feeling. Medium firmness.


Meals To Feed America


Hope Mattress gives back to their community. With every bed that is sold, they will donate $10 to Feed America. Helping Feed America is one of their lifetime goals.

Hope Mattress Testimonials

Amanda S.Aspire Hybrid Mattress

So so comfortable! Perfect while pregnant!
I am shocked by what amazing quality this mattress is! I came in a box and immediately took form within 24 hours! It’s super soft but also takes shape. I love that it’s very supportive but soft enough to help my aches and pains throughout the night while pregnant. 10/10 nicer than some mattresses I’ve had that were double the price. I also love that so many meals are provided to Feeding America!

Jeremyah N.Aspire Hybrid Mattress

The most comfortable mattress we've ever owned.
This mattress was bought to replace another online memory foam mattress. This is by far superior to any other mattress we've ever had. Shipping was quick and ordering was easy.

Stephanie F.Aspire Hybrid Mattaress

Amazing nights sleep
Well let me just say this mattress is amazing! Cannot believe a king size mattress comes in a box. It was so easy to set up and took a couple of hours to fully expand and extremely comfortable from the start. It's instant relief. We have had the best nights sleep in a long time! It’s literally like sleeping on a cloud! You can get into bed without disturbing your partner. Customer service was very informative and knowledgeable and genuinely wanting to assist me. Shipping was fast. I will definitely be recommending to friends and family! Thank you Hope Mattress for a wonderful nights sleep!

Katie P.Aspire Hybrid Mattress

Best Sleep!
Love our Aspire mattress! Perfect firmness! The extra padding and height is nice for a memory foam! It’s been a life saver while pregnant! I highly recommend this mattress for everyone! The ship time was also incredible!

David W.Aspire Hybrid Mattress

No more back pain
We looked at all the ratings and this mattress seemed like the one for us. We took the plunge and bought our first mattress in a box. I am so glad we did. My back pain I have had for years is practically non-existent. Had it for 1 month now. Loving every second.

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